Visual Identity Guidelines

Promotional Materials

Visual promotional materials pertain to any printed materials and digitally published content on VSU’s website and social media accounts in behalf of promoting university and partnered events, achievements, and other announcements. It can be in a form of posters, infographics, social media cards, flyers, pamphlets, etc.

Visual Design

The visual design of promotional materials may be [1] Text-Dominant, [2] Image-Dominant, or a [3] combination of Texts and Images, depending on the content or the nature of the featured event.

Text-dominant design may be applied when announcing enrollment schedules, brief announcements, and other official statements.

Image-dominant design for congratulatory posts, festive events.

Texts and images may be integrated when producing official statements, job opportunity postings, brochures, and other posters.

Graphic style may be applied in lieu of the abovementioned styles to facilitate a more friendly visual appeal. In such cases, vectors and digital illustrations can be used as substitute for actual photos.

Implementation of VSU Branding Elements

VSU Colors must be applied in every element of the university’s promotional materials, in backgrounds, texts, and other graphic elements. For typography, refer to the branding elements for the use of each set of typeface.

Article Thumbnails

The Brand Logo and/or Text Logo shall be used for online articles except important recognitions (e.g. international and national awards). Meanwhile when recognizing a specific unit within VSU, Brand Logo should appear first before the unit logo. Or use Brand Name e.g., VSUChemistry.

Promotional Merchandise

These are, but not limited to, T-shirt, Mugs, Tumbler, Jackets, Cap, Notebook, Keychain, Calendars which shall use either of the Wireframe, Brand Logo, SFT (Vector), Obelisk (Vector), or other elements. It should be noted that the VSU Seal shall not be used in any merchandise.

Co-branding and Partnerships

For all promotional materials of university-wide events and programs, the Brand Logo with Text Logo shall be placed at a position of primacy, at the upper left-hand corner of the layout, or at the top center. 

Should the University organized an event and has partners within the campus, the Brand Logo with Text Logo shall appear at the position of primacy while logos of partners are smaller and of equal sizes.

However, when the university is one of the main organizers of an event outside the campus, the Brand Logo with Text Logo shall be of equal size with other organizer’s logo. Meanwhile, if the University is not the main organizer, the Brand Logo with Text Logo shall accompany other contributing institutions or partners, with sizes matched equally.


To strengthen the visual identity of Visayas State University, proper placement and implementation on various stationery materials shall be observed.


The following components are included in the University letterheads:


The upper-right hand corner of the front envelope shall contain the Search for Truth icon and VSU text with a height of about 2 centimeters which serves as the stamp of the university.

Calling Cards

The calling card shall contain the:

A public template shall be provided for easier access of faculty and staff. For assistance, you may refer to University Integrated Media Center.

Identification Cards

The front cover of the PVC ID shall contain the following:

The back cover of the PVC ID shall contain the following:

Meanwhile, the Big ID of the VSU constituents shall contain the:

Product and other Technologies

VSU’s research and development efforts often result in the creation of products and other technologies that are transferred to and commercialized by partners.

When a partner opts to include VSU branding in product labels, the client must send a letter of intent to the VSU Technology Business Incubator for assistance in designing the product label. VSU-TBI will facilitate the drafting and signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Technology License Agreement (TLA) stipulating among others the use and inclusion of the Visca brand name and VSU-TBI logo in the label design.

The client and VSU-TBI will have a dialogue or consultation regarding the design, which shall result in the inclusion of the following logos in the label:

Visca logo (with trademark)


VSU Brand Logo