Publicity Guidelines

VSU recognizes the role of publicity in building the image of the university as a premier academic and research institution. We have learned what works by practicing the art of public relations for VSU, its officials, and its units, especially with the advent of new media platforms for publicity.

This chapter outlines guidelines in how VSU informs about its developments, promotes its accomplishments, strengths, and programs, and publicizes itself in general.

PR Styling and Attributions

This section lays down the style by which VSU says things, like referring to people and VSU units, and communicating with clientele from an official standpoint.

When referring to Persons

The following guidelines shall be used when referring to persons, especially in stories and promotional materials produced by the university.

When referring to VSU Offices, Units, and Designated positions

As a general rule, we aim for clarity in communicating, so we prefer more publicly recognizable terms like “HR Officer” instead of “Director for Human Resources Management” when referring to the position. This also applies to offices with complex names, when a more understandable equivalent is available. For specifics, refer to the guidelines on Unit Branding when referring to VSU offices and units publicly.

When Addressing Messages Online

Staff may be assigned to administer pages for the university and its units, and cater to inquiries. Because these staff represent the university and not their individual identities, messaging online should follow guidelines as follows:

When addressing using a personal account

Only apologize on behalf of VSU or its units or individuals when ordered to do so, and an official channel is not immediately available (like through the VSU page).

Publishing Obelisk Stories and Articles

The UIMC maintains The Obelisk, the official newsletter of the VSU administration. 

As a general rule, we prefer news features over straight news articles as they are read more because of human interest. However, straight news articles may be done for breaking news.

The UIMC shall keep a stylebook for Obelisk Stories and Articles in a Communication and Public Relations Manual, which shall be regularly updated as the VSU story style unfolds.

Likewise, a Web Operations Manual shall also be created and maintained by the VSU Web Team, which shall include work instructions in publishing Obelisk Stories on the web and on social media.


People of VSU are called “Viscans” — from the college name of VSU “ViSCA”. We chose this name because it is easier to pronounce and it has already been recognized for a time. VSU component colleges may also use “Viscans” and add the campus, e.g., Tolosa Viscans, to be more specific. No other variations are allowed or recognized (like VSUans, Viscanians, etc.)

Official Statements and Announcements

Official statements may be made to declare important information or positions regarding an important topic or issue. Aside from statements, the university also makes other important announcements. These guidelines aim to ensure statements and announcements reflect the professional identity of VSU as a public institution.

Statements by the VSU Administration

The Office of the President holds the sole authority to approve and publish official statements of the VSU administration and all of its administrative units.

Statements by Academic Units

Because the university respects the academic freedom of its faculty, it is in their liberty to put out official statements as a department or college, especially on issues of social relevance that pertains to their area/s of expertise. However, it should be made clear that the views and opinions in the statement do not necessarily reflect that of the university administration.

Upon releasing a statement, the academic unit shall furnish a copy in the appropriate QMS format to the Office of the President.

Urgent Announcements

There are cases when important announcements have to be circulated urgently, even before its corresponding official document like memos. Only the President has the authority to publicize such announcements through his or her official public channels. Such announcements include, but are not limited to, Class suspensions due to inclement weather, emergency situations, and the like.

For example, the President may make the announcement in his or her Facebook page. The memorandum may follow and should be posted in the university’s Facebook page.

Other Announcements

University-wide announcements should be made by through the university website and/or social media pages. Other updates may be coursed through unit pages and channels as deemed appropriate.

Communicating better with Memoranda

Memoranda and memorandum circulars are the official’s way of circulating important information to units and people under their jurisdiction. As such, it is important that these documents are written in a way that makes it understandable and for directives to be easy to comply.

The following are guidelines in communicating through memos:

Social Media and Online Visibility

The university recognizes the importance of cultivating good relationships with members of its online community. VSU has a strong social media presence, especially on top platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The nitty-gritty of these policies and guidelines shall be spelled out in the UIMC’s Communication and Public Relations Manual and the Web Operations Manual.

Using Hashtags

In the online social world, hashtags are used to bring together social media posts of similar content. At the university, we use hashtags strategically for specific campaigns. 

Here are current hashtags used by VSU:

New hashtags may be developed in coordination with and used with the approval of the VSU Web Team.

Social media presence of VSU Units

Aside from the university’s official pages in social media networks, its units are also welcome to have a distinct social media presence.