VSU prides itself on a vibrant sports community, from its varsity players to its amateur athletes and sports enthusiasts. The university branding for sports come in two levels: in its presentation in the national and regional intercollegiate games as the VSU Pythons, and within the university, through factions during the student intramural games and faculty and staff sportsfests.


The university’s official sports team is called the (VSU) Pythons. This is inspired by the university’s stature as a dark green school where within its lands there is a rich virgin forest that is home to various wildlife, like the python.


The logomark represents the university sports team, Pythons. The design of the logomark is flat, using accepted colors, to easily blend with other branding elements of the university.


The logotext of the university sports team, Pythons, shall use the typeface Sportzan Regular. When a particular sport is referred to, the team’s typeface to be used is Radley Sans. The sports team may also use the university One-line Text Logo version which uses the typeface: Trajan Sans Pro Semibold.

Logomark and Logotext Combination

The logomark and logotext may be combined to visually represent the VSU sports team, Pythons, and its respective varsity teams using the variations shown below.

Varsity Teams

The varsity teams shall use the logomark + logotext combination with team names. This is to establish a unified visual identity across all teams.


The Pythons sports attire shall be dominantly gold, accented with green and white as needed. Plain or gradient variants may be used to stylize the attires. The university shall use the Brand Logo or the Wireframe Logo (not the Seal) strategically whenever it is needed.


The VSU Pythons mascot is inspired by the Green Tree Python. The mascot’s body is designed to appear bulky to accentuate its athletic and strong personality to inspire VSU athletes. The head is scaled up to show the recognizable features of the python.

The Pythons mascot shall only be used to represent the university’s sports team and not any of the university units or intramural factions.

Intramural Games

With the student’s intramural games and the faculty & staff sportsfest held annually, it is important to give a unified look and feel to the games all the while having different factions. The following branding guidelines shall apply to the collegiate intramural games and the faculty & staff sportsfest.

Faction Names

The year’s steering committee shall be in charge of identifying the category from where faction names shall be based, e.g., fictional animal characters, reptiles, etc.The different factions and teams shall then elect a team name for approval by the committee before the games are held. The committee may choose to retain the category for several years to give teams an opportunity to win a grandslam.

No team shall bear the university sports team name, Pythons.

Team Branding

Upon the formulation of the teams each year, there should be a common branding and design sense across all teams, including but not limited to the team logos and colors. It is recommended for the logos to be flat with uniform strokes and for the teams to use a similar font/typeface.

For colors, it is recommended to use or combine the established colors of the Colleges/Units comprising the faction. The teams may use other colors to fully represent their team branding. However, no team shall use the same or similar colors and its variations. The teams may choose one dominant color, and one accent color. 

No teams shall use gold and green—the university’s colors—together.

Optional Use of VSU Branding

The teams have the option to use the VSU Branding Elements in their materials. For sports attire, the faculty & staff, and students may use the Wireframe + Logotext at the back (nape) or at the sleeves.

For other implementations, the stakeholders may consult the University Integrated Media Center.