Seal and Logos

Official Seal

The Seal of the University bears the university’s name, colors, the year “1924” when the institution was established, a flask with a plant in it on the left side symbolizing agriculture and other fields, and industry. 

The four interlocking columns forming a square at the middle of the seal depict the four major functions of the University which are instruction, research, extension, and production; and the arrows at the core indicate the basic principles essential to VSU’s growth, which are creativity, mutual cooperation, dynamism, and systems approach in problem-solving.

Last revised in 2015 and approved in 2016, the current Seal bears VSU’s core values with the acronym “RITE”—Relevance, Integrity, Truth, Excellence), with “Relevance” located at the upper-right hand corner of the inner circle. The Seal uses flat colors with no gradient.

The Seal shall be used to mark official and legal documents such as resolutions, memoranda, and diplomas. As such, it must be protected from unauthorized use. 

The University Integrated Media Center shall identify the materials, platforms, and offices authorized to use the University Seal through a QMS Guideline.

The VSU Brand Logo, Text Logo, and other branding elements may fill in for other purposes.

Brand Logo

The VSU Brand Book officially introduces the university’s new brand logo: an icon rendition of its Search for Truth statue. It embodies the spirit of university life: the intellectual curiosity of academics and students alike to know the world better for the better.

Another purpose of the brand logo is to safeguard the seal from overuse and unauthorized use while maintaining a degree of formality in presenting the university’s identity. Many universities here and abroad have adopted this practice to use brand logos (both icons and text) in lieu of the more traditional university seal.

The VSU Brand Logo should be preferred over the VSU Seal in public branding materials, where the use of the University Seal is not necessary. Official and legal documents, however, shall retain the use of the VSU Seal.

With simpler shapes and fewer details, the brand logo can be implemented easily on various print and online platforms for modern uses. 

In most applications, the Brand Logo shall go with the Text Logo to better identify the university. In social media applications however, the Brand Logo can exist by itself, for example,  as the page’s profile photo since the name of the university is in the page name.

More specific guidelines regarding social media use are outlined in its own chapter.

Wireframe Logo

The Wireframe Logo is an outline version of the VSU Seal, made for simpler or smaller contexts.It shall be used in lieu of the VSU Seal when printing single-color materials for a clearer implementation. For example, the Wireframe may appear in black when printing only in black ink on white paper. It may also be used in white (along with the Text Logo) for dark-colored backgrounds, or as repeating patterns in photobooth backgrounds.

Another prominent implementation of the Wireframe is as a texture to flat or gradient backgrounds, providing a Viscan feel to an otherwise plain canvas without looking too busy.

Whenever the VSU Seal is not required, the Wireframe Logo can also be used in dry seals, stamps, and as back, side or front marks in shirts, textiles, or as favicons or little icons elsewhere.

VSU Text Logo

The VSU Text Logo was developed as a way of presenting the name of the university in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. The VSU Text Logo may be used by itself, or in complementation with the VSU Seal, the Brand Logo, wireframe logo, or the Search for Truth to its left, following the proportions described below. No other logo (even of VSU units) shall be used with the Text Logo. 

For unit logos, the “VSU” text shall be used following the guidelines in Unit Branding. The Text Logo is a specially rendered lettering based on the Trajan Sans typeface. No other typeface or rendering should be used for the Text Logo.

When used on darker backgrounds, the white or yellow version of the Text logo may be used.

Proper Usage

The VSU Seal, Brand Logo and Text Logo must be used properly when implemented in various materials. This section covers common mistakes that designers should avoid when using the VSU seal and logos. While these examples are not comprehensive, its principles apply to similar situations that may not have been mentioned.